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Leave pretentious wine tasting notes and impenetrable jargon at the door. North Carolina tasting rooms welcome wine enthusiasts of every palate. And each winery is surrounded by scenic views as varied as the grapes you’ll find here, all with signature Southern hospitality included. So grab a glass, request a winery guide and plan your trip to discover North Carolina wine country – no sommelier required.

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American Viticultural Areas

You know what they say: It’s all about location, location, location

Only regions home to distinctive climates, soil and elevations earn the prestigious designation of AVAs. North Carolina boasts five of them. When you sip in these regions, you know you’re experiencing something special to the spot you’re standing.

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North Carolina Wine at a Glance

Nearly 200 Wineries

North Carolina is home to more than 525 vineyards and 185 wineries set amid scenic landscapes from the mountains to the coast.

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A Varietal for Every Taste

This is the only place in the world where every type of grape is grown, which means you’ll find a wine to please every palate here.

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Oldest Cultivated Grapevine

America’s oldest cultivated grapevine, the Mothervine, has been producing muscadine grapes since before its discovery on the North Carolina coast in 1584.

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Home of the Scuppernong

The scuppernong is the official state fruit of North Carolina. A type of muscadine grape, it's native to the Old North State and has the distinction of being the first varietal cultivated in the United States.

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