Competition Winners

2018 Competition Winners


2019 NC State Fair Commercial Wine Competition

2019 NC State Fair Amateur Wine Competition

2019 Sponsors

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Browse award winners from the North Carolina State Fair wine competition and plan your visit to taste the best varietals the state has to offer.


Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Bull City CiderworksPomme Solo Crimson CrispSilver
Carolina Heritage Vineyard & WineryApple PieSilver
Windsor Run CellarsApple MeadSilver
Bull City CiderworksPomme Solo Pink LadyBronze

Berry (Blueberry, Strawberry, Raspberry, berry blends)

Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Grove WineryStrawberrySilver
Twisted Vine WineryChocolate StrawberryBronze

Cabernet Franc

Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Childress VineyardsCabernet FrancGold
Sanctuary Vineyards Handcrafted Cabernet Franc "La Maison Grise"Gold
Childress VineyardsReserve Cabernet FrancSilver
Divine Llama VineyardsCabernet FrancSilver
Dobbins Creek VineyardsCabernet FrancSilver
Grandfather Vinyard & WineryCabernet FrancSilver
Jones von Drehle VineyardsCabernet FrancSilver
RayLen Vineyards and Winery2016 Cabernet FrancSilver

Cabernet Sauvignon

Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Laurel Gray VineyardsCabernet SauvignonGold
Piccione VineyardsCabernet SauvignonGold
Biltmore Estate WineryCabernet SauvignonSilver
Childress VineyardsCabernet SauvignonSilver
Childress VineyardsReserve Cabernet SauvignonSilver
Childress VineyardsSignature Cabernet SauvignonSilver
Daveste' VineyardsCabernet SauvignonSilver
Dobbins Creek VineyardsCabernet SauvignonSilver
Mountainbrook VineyardsCabernet SauvignonSilver
RayLen Vineyards and Winery2016 Cabernet SauvignonSilver
RagApple Lassie VineyardsCabernet SauvignonBronze


Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Cypress Bend VineyardsCatherineDouble Gold (Muscadine - Best of Show)
Cypress Bend VineyardsA Sweetheart StreamGold
Cypress Bend VineyardsLivy EstateSilver
Cypress Bend VineyardsRiverton EstateSilver
Cypress Bend VineyardsTo-MorrowSilver
Cypress Bend VineyardsMcNeillSilver
Gregory VineyardsSTELLA MAESilver
Gregory VineyardsBALD EAGLESilver
Sanctuary Vineyards Sweet SerenitySilver
Adams VineyardsClara BreezeBronze
Carolina Heritage Vineyard & WineryCarlosBronze
Childress VineyardsMuscadine WhiteBronze
Country Squire WineryGranddaddy's Smokehouse WhiteBronze
Gregory VineyardsMARY ELIZABETHBronze
Lu Mil VineyardOLD CUMBERLANDBronze
Lu Mil VineyardTAYLOR DIVINEBronze


Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
FireClay CellarsChambourcinDouble Gold
Daveste' VineyardsChambourcinSilver
Hanover Park VineyardProvenciaSilver
Roaring River VineyardsChambourcineSilver


Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Divine Llama VineyardsChardonel GoldDouble Gold
Divine Llama VineyardsChardonelSilver
FernCrest WinerySouthern Lady WhiteBronze

Chardonnay (Oaked)

Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Biltmore Estate WineryChardonnayDouble Gold
Childress VineyardsReserve ChardonnayGold
Childress VineyardsChardonnaySilver
Childress VineyardsChardonnaySilver
Hanover Park VineyardBarrel Fermented ChardonnaySilver
Medaloni Cellars Signature Series ChardonnaySilver
Mountainbrook VineyardsChardonnaySilver
Piccione VineyardsChardonnaySilver
RagApple Lassie VineyardsChardonnaySilver
Shadow Springs VineyardChardonnaySilver
Childress VineyardsChardonnayBronze
Grove WineryReserve Estate ChardonnayBronze

Chardonnay (Un-Oaked)

Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Herrera VineyardsChardonnay (unoaked)Silver
Jones von Drehle VineyardsChardonnaySilver
RayLen Vineyards and Winery2016 ChardonnaySilver
Saint Paul Mountain VineayrdsChardonnaySilver
Shelton VineyardsBin 17 Unoaked ChardonnaySilver
Piccione VineyardsUnoaked ChardonnayBronze
Saint Paul Mountain VineayrdsBetty JeanBronze


Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Saint Paul Mountain VineayrdsHome PlaceSilver (Fruit/Honey - Best of Show)
Windsor Run CellarsMidnight RunGold
Lu Mil VineyardWHITE SANGRIASilver
Lu Mil VineyardRed SangriaSilver
Shelton VineyardsPortSilver
Childress VineyardsFinish LineBronze
Childress VineyardsStarboundBronze
Saint Paul Mountain VineayrdsChestnut Gap CottageBronze
Saint Paul Mountain VineayrdsVin Chocolate du BaristaBronze
Sanctuary Vineyards Outer Banks IceBronze


Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Adams VineyardsWhite Spring Reserve Double Gold

Fruit Hard Ciders

Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Catawba FarmsStraw HatSilver
Saint Paul Mountain VineayrdsBald Top MountainSilver
Saint Paul Mountain VineayrdsBearwallowBronze
Saint Paul Mountain VineayrdsSugarloaf MountainBronze

Honey & Fruit Blend

Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Honeygirl MeaderyStrawberry MeadSilver
Honeygirl MeaderyApple CyserSilver
Honeygirl MeaderyBlueberry MeadBronze


Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Adams VineyardsPapa Johnny'sSilver
Cypress Bend VineyardsIsabelSilver
Cypress Bend VineyardsChristia's Magnolia EstateSilver
Lu Mil VineyardHARMONY HALLSilver


Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Jones von Drehle VineyardsReserve MalbecDouble Gold
Childress VineyardsReserve MalbecSilver
Childress VineyardsMalbecSilver
Daveste' VineyardsMalbecBronze
Grove WineryReserve MalbecBronze


Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Childress VineyardsReserve MerlotGold
Jones von Drehle VineyardsMerlotGold
RayLen Vineyards and Winery2016 MerlotGold
Childress VineyardsSignature MerlotSilver
Childress VineyardsMerlotSilver
Childress VineyardsMerlotSilver
Dobbins Creek VineyardsMerlotSilver
Laurel Gray VineyardsMerlotSilver
Divine Llama VineyardsMerlot ReserveBronze


Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Piccione VineyardsMontepulcianoSilver
Raffaldini Vineyards & WineryMontepulciano Silver


Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Elkin Creek VineyardSoft WhiteSilver
Grove WineryNiagaraBronze


Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Cypress Bend VineyardsAutumnGold
Gregory VineyardsHAPPYSilver
Childress VineyardsMuscadine RedBronze
Cypress Bend VineyardsSunburnt BoysBronze
Cypress Bend VineyardsSundownBronze
Gregory VineyardsLEE LOVEBronze
Lu Mil VineyardCAPE OWN REDBronze


Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
FernCrest WineryMountain Wood RedSilver
Grove WineryNortonBronze

Other Red Varietals

Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Shelton VineyardsTwo Five Nine TannatDouble Gold
Herrera VineyardsTannatGold
RagApple Lassie VineyardsSyrahGold
Banner Elk WineryMarechal FochSilver
Grove WineryCarmenereSilver
Grove WineryNebbioloSilver
Childress VineyardsReserve BarberaBronze

Other White Varietals

Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Sanctuary Vineyards PearlGold
Banner Elk WineryGolden MuscatSilver
Daveste' VineyardsRkatsiteliSilver
Piccione VineyardsVermentinoSilver
Adams VineyardsBeulahBronze
Lazy Elm Vineyard and WineryVermentinoBronze

Petit Manseng

Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Jones von Drehle VineyardsPetit MansengSilver
Jones von Drehle VineyardsPetit MansengBronze

Petit Verdot

Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Mountainbrook VineyardsPetit VerdotDouble Gold
Childress VineyardsReserve Petit VerdotGold
RayLen Vineyards and Winery2016 Petit VerdotGold
Childress VineyardsPetit VerdotSilver
Jones von Drehle VineyardsPetit VerdotSilver
Shadow Springs VineyardPetit VerdotSilver
Jones von Drehle VineyardsReserve Petit VerdotBronze
Saint Paul Mountain VineayrdsPetit VerdotBronze

Pinot Gris/Grigio

Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Childress VineyardsPinot GrigioBronze
Piccione VineyardsPinot GrigioBronze
Piccione VineyardsPinot GrigioBronze
RagApple Lassie VineyardsPinot GrisBronze
RayLen Vineyards and Winery2016 Pinot GrigioBronze

Red Blends

Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Jones von Drehle VineyardsSteel and StoneDouble Gold (Bunch Grape - Best of Show)
Raffaldini Vineyards & WineryIl FalcoDouble Gold
Windsor Run CellarsGuiltyGold
Childress VineyardsReserve MeritageSilver
Childress VineyardsPinnacle Meritage WineSilver
Childress VineyardsSignature MeritageSilver
Cypress Bend VineyardsHollyberry RedSilver
Elkin Creek VineyardRossaSilver
FireClay CellarsRed WineSilver
Grandfather Vinyard & WineryAppalachia RedSilver
Grandfather Vinyard & WineryEstate White BlendSilver
Grove WineryBlock B (Meritage/Bordeaux blend)Silver
Jones von Drehle VineyardsRock and RailSilver
Laurel Gray VineyardsBountySilver
Linville Falls WineryElevationSilver
Old Homeplace VineyardFull MoonSilver
Saint Paul Mountain VineayrdsChestnut GapSilver
Sanctuary Vineyards Double BarrelSilver
Sanctuary Vineyards Wright Brothers ReserveSilver
Sanctuary Vineyards MortonSilver
Shadow Springs VineyardMeritageSilver
Shadow Springs VineyardCrimson SunsetSilver
Adams VineyardsEllis Red Reserve Bronze
Childress VineyardsThree Red WineBronze
Cypress Bend VineyardsCampbellBronze
Dobbins Creek VineyardsCabernet Sauvignon, Merlot Cabernet FrancBronze
Elkin Creek VineyardClassicoBronze
Grove WineryEnsembleBronze
Grove WineryIntrigueBronze
Herrera VineyardsSoleraBronze
Old Homeplace VineyardFireflyBronze
RagApple Lassie VineyardsKaleidoscope RedBronze
Saint Paul Mountain VineayrdsJasperBronze
Saint Paul Mountain VineayrdsChestnut East ReserveBronze
Twisted Vine WineryWho's Ya DaddyBronze


Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Childress VineyardsRieslingSilver
Herrera VineyardsRieslingSilver
Old Homeplace VineyardRieslingSilver
RayLen Vineyards and Winery2017 RieslingSilver
Shelton VineyardsYadkin Valley RieslingSilver
Dobbins Creek VineyardsDry RieslingBronze
Linville Falls WineryRieslingBronze
Shelton VineyardsTwo Five Nine RieslingBronze

Rose/Blush Blends

Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Lu Mil VineyardBLADEN BLUSHDouble Gold
Adams VineyardsWinter SunsetGold
Catawba FarmsRoséGold
Cypress Bend VineyardsRoseneathGold
Shelton VineyardsTwo Five Nine - RoseGold
Adams VineyardsBlush PlantationSilver
Banner Elk WineryHigh Country RoseSilver
Childress VineyardsClassic RoséSilver
Childress VineyardsThree Rosé WineSilver
Roaring River VineyardsLe Petit Rose'Silver
Sanctuary Vineyards Wildflowers RoseSilver
Shadow Springs VineyardRoseSilver
Grove WineryRose'Bronze
Old Homeplace VineyardTire Swing Rose'Bronze
Raffaldini Vineyards & WineryGirasoleBronze
Sanctuary Vineyards LightkeeperBronze


Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Piccione VineyardsSangioveseDouble Gold
Raffaldini Vineyards & WinerySangioveseSilver

Sauvignon Blanc

Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Childress VineyardsSauvignon BlancGold
Shelton VineyardsSauvignon BlancSilver
Old Homeplace VineyardSauvignon BlancBronze


Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Twisted Vine WineryCindy's SelectSilver

Seyval Blanc

Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Shadow Springs VineyardSeyval BlancBronze

Single Varietal Blush/Rose

Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Old Homeplace VineyardCrooked Rows-e'Double Gold
Biltmore Estate WineryRose' of Cabernet SauvignonSilver
Jones von Drehle VineyardsGrenache RoseSilver
RayLen Vineyards and Winery2017 Rosé of Cabernet FrancBronze
Sanctuary Vineyards Vin OrangeBronze


Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Grandfather Vinyard & WineryAppalachia BubblesGold
Biltmore Estate WineryBlanc de Blancs Sparkling BrutBronze
Laurel Gray VineyardsRose' 1773Bronze
Saint Paul Mountain VineayrdsChestnut Gap Cottage SparklingBronze


Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Jones von Drehle VineyardsTempranilloSilver


Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Carolina Heritage Vineyard & WineryTraminetteSilver
Daveste' VineyardsSemi-Sweet TraminetteSilver
Divine Llama VineyardsTraminette Silver
Roaring River Vineyards2017 TraminetteSilver
Divine Llama VineyardsTraminette GoldBronze
Grove WineryTraminette TrockenBronze
Saint Paul Mountain VineayrdsTraminetteBronze
Windsor Run CellarsTraminetteBronze

Vidal Blanc

Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
FernCrest WineryRoyal WhiteSilver
Saint Paul Mountain VineayrdsVidal BlancBronze


Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Biltmore Estate WineryViognierDouble Gold
Jones von Drehle VineyardsViognierGold
Jones von Drehle VineyardsViognierSilver
Medaloni Cellars Signature Series ViognierSilver
Sanctuary Vineyards The TriangleSilver
Childress VineyardsReserve ViognierBronze
Childress VineyardsViognierBronze
Elkin Creek VineyardViognierBronze
Grove WineryViognierBronze
Laurel Gray VineyardsViognierBronze
Medaloni Cellars ViognierBronze
Shadow Springs VineyardViognierBronze

White Blends

Vineyard/WineryWine NameAward
Childress VineyardsThree White WineDouble Gold
Sanctuary Vineyards Wild Pony WhiteGold
Childress VineyardsClassic WhiteSilver
Divine Llama VineyardsMustang SallySilver
FireClay CellarsWhite WineSilver
Raffaldini Vineyards & WineryLiguriaSilver
RayLen Vineyards and WineryWhite CaroliniusSilver
Windsor Run CellarsJusticeSilver
Grandfather Vinyard & WineryEstate Red BlendBronze
Old Homeplace VineyardHenry LeeBronze
RagApple Lassie VineyardsKaleidoscope GoldBronze